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Welcome to my website. And I bet you are wondering who or what Dark Force Press is.

It's my publishing company.

Let me give you some history.  

When I started out, I queried agents and publishing houses. I had interest in my books. I even had a publisher want it. However, they wanted me to make some changes to the story that I felt would completely change the tone of the story. 

I thought about it and continued querying. I met an agent that really liked it and thought it was very marketable. She advised me to either continue querying or consider self-publishing.

I researched the pros and cons of going the indie route and finally decided it would be a better fit for me than traditional publishing.

What exactly does it mean to be a self-publisher, or indie author? It means you’re responsible for every aspect of your book. From beginning to end, to publishing on retailers, to editing, covers, and marketing. I buy my own ISBNs and I copyright my material through the copyright office. 

It is not for the faint of heart. You either learn how to do everything, or you pay someone. I opted to learn how to do everything. It is time consuming and takes away from writing. I pay for an editor. I have used the same one since book 3 in my Damien Kaine series. I would not even consider publishing without having my editor look over my manuscript. That, by far, is one of my biggest expenses.

However, if you're picked up by a publisher, although they would cover your editing and your covers, most publishers will want a marketing plan from you. You will be responsible for getting your book out there. Oh and by the way, you will have no control over what your covers look like.


While the publishing company will help you with visibility, I thought to myself, if I’m going to have to market my own books, why would I give most of my profit to a publisher. Yes, they can get me into places I may not be able to get into on my own, but I would be doing a lot of work with very little return.


Most publishing contracts are for all rights for 5 plus years. If you get an advance, which is very little. In most cases less than 10K, you will not see any more money until that advance is paid off. I decided I would rather receive more of my profit, even if it meant I had to work harder to get to that 10K mark. 

For me, the trade off was too steep.

It is a learning curve to say the least. I've learned a lot. I'm always available to help other authors. If you find yourself in need of some help, use my contact form and drop me a line.

There is no right or wrong. It’s whatever works for you. But you have to start by writing the book.


While you’re here, please check out my books. You can read previews, find where to purchase, and sign up for my newsletter.  


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