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Why am I giving you two free books? Why not?

One is the prequel to my very popular Damien Kaine Series.  And the other is a short ghost story.

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Prequel to the Damien Kaine Series

kindle cover for dark inception

Detective Damien Kaine wanted a change, and he got it. And he dragged his partner Detective Joe Hagan with him.

However, after stumbling across some life changing information, Damien reacts with complete disregard for the law he is sworn to uphold. His actions have some sever consequences. Not only can they get him kicked off the force, they could land him in jail.

Keeping secrets from his partner and family are not easy. And they begin to weigh heavily on him. But the death of someone close to him, brings everything to the surface.

Now, he is faced with another decision. To stay or quit the force. Just when he thinks he has made a choice; his Captain asks him to do something. Not sure if he wants to fill the request, Damien is left wondering how things got this far left.


Read Dark Inception the prequel to the Damien Kaine Thriller Series.

Short paranormal tale


A suspicious death threatens to derail Sean’s business, his happiness, and his sanity.


The moment Sean sees the old bird cage elevator and grand lobby, he knows it’s the perfect place to house his tech company. He buys the one-hundred-year-old building, despite the swirling rumors and whispered tales of murder.


Sean feels a connection right away. Never giving credence to the frightful tales some employees swear to be true. He finds comfort working alone in the building at night.


After the death of a worker, the property seems to come alive. Not believing in ghostly things, Sean continues to conduct business as usual. Soon, even he can’t rationalize what is happening around him.


When he finds himself at the center of several mysterious incidents, he wonders if he’s losing his mind. Forced to face the mounting evidence that something unexplainable is happening, he must confront the demons of his past to find the real reason behind the unexplained events.

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