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Linq Digital Business cards are awesome!

I came across Linq by accident. Once I found it, I was hooked. 

You can design your own card with your logo. You get a landing page for free, you can pay a small amount for a more robust page, but I use the free and it's perfect.

The card looks and feels like a credit card. You hold it up to someone's phone and your information downloads. 

They can either use a browser or get the Linq app. 

I forget to carry business cards with me on a daily basis and I am forever scribbling my information down for someone.

Check it out. Use my affiliate link to get 15% percent off. This is already so inexpensive. I paid $30 to have mine personalized with my logo.

link business card picture

I don't endorse too many products. But I had to share this one, and I signed up immediately to be an ambassador.

Check it out. They have all kinds of other products to help get your information out there.

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