MockUpShots & Author Lab

If you have ever needed to create a social media graphic to share your book with the world, or create an awesome ad graphic to help sell your book, then MockUpShots is just what you need.

I have very few products that I push on people....that didn't sound right...LOL! 

In all seriousness, if I'm recommending a product, it's because I use it and love it. MockUpShots and Author Lab are two of those products.

First MockUpShots is similar to BookBrush and other sites. But there are some major differences: 1 - cost and 2 - the product itself.

Most places that allow you to put your book in a 'mock up shot' charge a yearly membership...right now, MockUpShots is offering a LIFETIME repeat charges to keep using their product.

As for the product, this is hands down one of the best products out there. You can see by the pictures on this page a sampling of the graphics you can create.

I am aware they they offer a chance for you to upgrade and get the Author Lab along with this discount for an additional cost. I have used the entire Author Lab system for a long time...years. Just a few of the things you can access is book formatting, creating book covers, courses on Amazon ads by Dave Chesson, other courses as well on a wide range of subjects. 

There are book trailers you can create, there is a press release kit that you can customize to fit your needs...the list goes on. I suggest you check it all out using the link below. This is my affiliate link and if you purchase this through this link, it helps me out too. 

Check it out using the Holiday Bundle Link Special link below and I hope it helps you build your book empire.

innoncence taken book on a table
innocence taken book on a plate with silver ware and holiday theme
innocence taken book in a circle of hearts
balloons lifting a book
innocence taken picture
mockup of innocence taken book
mock up of innocence taken book held by a young man
mockup spring
innocence taken book next to mixed drink with limes