What The F*** Was I Thinking: Writing My First Book.

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

UPDATE: 7/17/19 I now have 5 books published and the 6th coming out in less than a month. I left this post as is to encourage you young writers who aren't sure whether or not you should continue..by all means do not give up. Check out my later posts on this site about using social media and editing, and lots of other stuff that will help you in your writing career.

About a year and a half ago, I had to have knee surgery. Total knee replacement. OUCH! You're pretty much useless for about six weeks. You can't do anything, niente, nothing, especially sex. (They don't tell you that before the surgery, about the no sex.) They cut into your thigh muscle to implant all that pretty hardware. Any movement where you engage that muscle, forget about it. You'll scream out in agony, your partner, in my case my husband, will

completely freak out. Total buzz kill. I recommend waiting.

I spent a lot of time in a recliner, doing my therapy, enjoying the pain meds, and driving my family batshit crazy. I needed a hobby. I'd been reading all kinds of books. I strongly recommend staying away from erotica, as to the whole not being able to have sex thing. You'll only frustrate yourself more.

After reading all these books I thought, I could write a book. (I hear the laughter.) But seriously, I have a degree in Forensic Chemistry, and I spent quite a few years in the Coast Guard. In the CG I not only performed Search and Rescue procedures, but I also had training in Law Enforcement. I figured with what I know about Crime Scene Investigation and Law Enforcement; (Not that I'm an expert, don't claim to be. But I thought I could at least write a book about detectives and killers. Plus I have a sick, warped mind.)

And I did! I finished the first book in my Damien Kaine crime series. Writing the book wasn't the hard part. It's all the stuff that comes after it that makes you want to poke a stick in your eye (or maybe someone's eye). I'm not much of a drinker, but I like Whiskey, Bourbon, and Grey Goose. I found as I tried to learn the nuances of editing, grammar, and the difference between showing and telling, I found sipping on some Whiskey helped keep me somewhat sane. Two fingers over ice. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, I don't measure. Put ice in a glass, fill with Whiskey, drink and repeat.

After writing the first and second books in my series, I got a lot of questions about how do you do this, or what about that? I'm like how the hell should I know. I only just now figured all this shit out.

Listen, it really isn't rocket science. If you want to write a book, start there. You have to realize life is too short not to go after what you want no matter how badly you might fail at first.

By no means am I an expert. I won't have all the answers. But hopefully if you're just starting to write a book, finished your first draft, or you are stuck not knowing where to go, maybe this will help you. If nothing else maybe it will entertain you.

I'm going to try to offer up some usable information and books I have used to help me with writing my first book. Hopefully, I won't piss everyone off. We'll discuss some other stuff too. Like the best drinks for a hot summer day. Or maybe, what kind of trouble you got into after too many of those drinks on a hot summer day. Now that is a topic we need to cover.

I write crime fiction horror, thriller, and paranormal novels. My time in the Coast Guard and my degree in Forensic Chemistry helps me create fantastic stories.

If I'm not writing, I am binge watching Netflix and probably drinking whiskey.

You can find me on Pinterest, Amazon, and Facebook.



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