Technology And Writing Go Hand In Hand: 3 Writing Tips You Can't Live Without.

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Inejiro Koizumi has an unusual approach to writing. I asked him to write a blog post for my site that would give my readers some new and different writing tips. Inejiro did not disappoint. I have already ordered a pair of HD Wraparounds.

The works of Inejiro Koizumi are influenced by his childhood in Northern California as well as his personal journey with depression. Never afraid to try something outside of the mainstream, Koizumi-san immersed himself in the culture of Japan seeking relief in a society that more naturally matched his own internal workings. His works display a fusion of Japanese influences and insights from his own youthful associations with Latin gangs during his adolescence in Northern California.

Inejiro Koizumi’s Writing Tips!

  1. WRITE BIG! While writing my non-linear series, I noticed an increasing level of fatigue in my eyes. I looked into Gunnar Glasses (I’ll come back to this) and decided that $50-100 was a bit too much for special glasses, especially considering I already wear glasses. To mitigate eyestrain, I took a hint from the triple-LCD setup at my office: I got a 25’ HDMI cable from Amazon and connected my laptop to my TV. After that, I open Word and set the Zoom to 160%. The final technical adjustment before actually writing is to set my font size to 22 and start clacking away in Courier font. Using these methods I have been able to increase my writing speed, flow, and comfort.

  2. About those Gunnar Glasses One time, I tried on a pair at a store. I found that these ‘specialized’ glasses were nothing more than blue-blockers. Our laptop and flat-panel TV’s make fervent use of the blue spectrum, the most straining on the eyes. Even with a Retina Display, my eyes would still feel tired and strained without proper protection. Enter HD Wraparounds that I bought for $3 on Amazon. I can wear these much cheaper alternatives and achieve the exact same effect. My eyes relax, the words come alive, and my work is made easier.

  3. MAKE IT TALK! One rule I still follow is Stephen King’s: Finished a manuscript? Good. Now forget everything about it for no less than six weeks. At first, I was hesitant, but moving on with other projects, and then circling back to a manuscript has proven invaluable in regard to editing. After I began to get into a rhythm using that method, I still noticed typos and extra letters. Eventually, I stumbled across a free website that changed my entire approach to writing and editing: I take each chapter, copy and paste it into the field, and then listen to an Englishman read my work. This. Is. Gold. Now, I get to hear my work from an objective, neutral, voice. I can catch the odd word arrangements, missing/extra letters, and even weak plot points. It’s one thing to read your own work. It’s another to pay someone serious money to read and edit it. Hearing it for free from a machine can save a lot of time, money and significantly increase the efficiency of your writing.

In the end, these three practices have revolutionized my approach to writing. My writing is best when my eyes are at ease. My stories are made richer when a neutral party can read it back to me. My outlook and vision are made clearer when I don’t have to fight discomfort while creating.

I encourage you to give at least one of these tips a try. I believe you will see a jump in your productivity.

Good luck!!


Inejiro Koizumi currently resides in Japan.

What drives Koizumi-san? The simple principle that art exists simply because the artist feels it should. Within his writings one will not find hidden meaning or clandestine viewpoints; merely glimpses into a reality that could have been, and yet still could be.

Learn more about Inejiro via his website, Medium, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, and Facebook.

Contact Inejiro via email at:


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