Boo Hoo, So You Hit THE WALL!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

As a writer, hitting the WALL is going to happen. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, at some point, you will hit one. Now the reasons writers hit them vary from lack of content ideas to their cat died. It doesn’t matter the reason you hit it, what matters is what you do after you hit it.

Don't just sit around and cry about it. Blow it to smithereens.

I didn't just hit the WALL, this past two weeks, I fucking slammed into it and knocked myself out.

I couldn't come up with a topic to write on to save my life. Every time I started to write something, I deleted it. Then I gave up and surfed the internet or watched TV.

I was miserable. I questioned my very existence in this world. (Not really, but I got pretty damn sad.)

I finally wrote a post on hitting the wall. I read it to my husband (which I highly recommend you do if this is your first writing after hitting the wall. Read it to someone, not my husband. He really won't care.) He said if my intent was to cause my reader to become intensely depressed, I had hit the mark perfectly.

That was not my intent.

I read the post and thought, OH MY GOSH, I need a double shot of whiskey. It was so damn depressing. If I had posted that, several of my readers would be in counseling and on medication.

However, it was some damn good writing. And I got out what I had been holding inside for the last week or so. That blew apart my WALL.

And it brings me to the first thing you should do to help unblock your creativity.


Write anything. My suggestion, stay away from your story/novel/writing project - for the first thing you write after hitting the WALL. Why, because that piece I had my husband read, if I had sat down to write my story, I would have put all the emotion into the story, at the wrong time and place. I had to get that shit out of my system first.

If you are depressed because you can't write, and you think it is because of you suck as a writer, write about that. If you are having problems with your spouse, write about that. (I would write in Word, not on-line.) When you are finished writing, if you feel the urge to share, then put it in a public forum.


Like social media shit. This will only add to your inability to write. I can only write creatively with music playing. The TV can be on, but I tend to get distracted by that. I might put it on with no sound, but I must have music. If I don’t, I find it hard to write, anything. Set up your writing area with whatever you need to write. Then WRITE.


If you are writing fiction and that is where your block is coming from, then use some random writing prompts to get your juices flowing. Take your two main characters and put them someplace else and write about that. Just a few hundred words would get you thinking again in the right direction. You can go online and find several writing prompt sites. I have used Writer’s Digest for this.

One place you can do this and get creative is a fan fiction writing site. Google it. These kinds of places are great.

One tactic I have used, but it only works if I am stuck in my fiction writing. I go back a reread and edit what I have already written. For me this tends to stimulate my story thought process and I find I can get back into writing my story. But this solution is only geared for the story that I am currently writing.


Yeah, you’re like WTF? READ? Are you smoking crack, Victoria? Yes, read. OUT OF YOUR GENRE. I have to stress that. Do not read in your genre. The reason, you don’t want to inadvertently use someone else’s writings in your own story. It is very easy to do. I personally never read in my genre while I’m writing or editing my story. ( I read smut and ghost stories.)

Try something new. The reading will stimulate your creativity.


Well if you knew me, you would gasp at this. I truly hate exercising. However, exercising can exorcise the demons within. I had a very bad writer’s block after my mom died. Understandably so. Nothing seemed to be working.

I started boxing/kickboxing. One day I had my music on and I was in the garage. I was beating the shit out of my sparing dummy. Cursing at my mom. Screaming at the top of my lungs, crying and damn near broke my hand.

Now that obviously is an extreme example, but the result was the same. I got it out. All that pent-up emotion and anger I got it out. The next couple of days I sat down and wrote about 5k words in my story. Since then it is my first go to when I can’t find my words. For me, it is usually something emotional that is blocking me.


If you read anything I write, I usually work in a reference to sex no matter what the subject matter is. I LOVE SEX--with my husband of course. If you are not having sex regularly, you need to. (This is from a married perspective, but if I were single, I’d still be having sex regularly.)

Sex releases all kinds of shit. Even if you are mad at your spouse screw - him/her - and you will feel better. You might find you aren’t even mad at them any more. If you are not having sex with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor..., I guarantee whatever that reason is, it is also keeping you from writing. If you sat down and analyzed it, you would be calling me and thanking me.

Now, these are things I do. I bet you can guess what my favorite one is. YES, READING! LOL!!


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