5 Reasons You Need SEO As An Author

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

As an author, you probably aren’t thinking about SEO. I have a sneaking suspicion you aren’t thinking about much except writing your next book or short story. Yet, if you plan on being a successful author you are going to need a website. Not necessarily a blog, but at least a website.

And if you're going to have a website, you need SEO.

You may be asking why. You want your books to reach readers who like what you write, don't you? To do that, you're going to have to gear your website to your specific audience.

If you write erotic vampire stories, you're going to want to make sure readers and fans of that genre can find you. I would imagine you are also wanting to be ranked in the number one spot on Google search results, if not number one at least on the first page.

SEO will help do that. However, you must use it correctly for it to be effective. One way to make SEO work for you is to use KEYWORDS. These words will help Google and other search engines categorize your website.

I wanted to give you five reasons as an author, why you need to make sure you understand SEO and how to make it work for you. It you can help get your website, and ultimately your books, in front of more people.

This post will center around the use of keywords.

1. The first 200 words on a page (either a blog or a website) are what the Google search engines (or any search engine) are concerned with. It is imperative that you use keywords in your html meta tags

[<meta name="keywords"content="">]

to tell the search engines the content of your page through title and content description.

Consider this to be your introduction to the world. This is your one chance to let people know what genre you write, what you are offering and above all else it helps them find you. When someone types in vampire erotica, if you have properly placed keywords throughout your page’s html, your website should begin to show up in search engines. (Please understand that this will not happen overnight. But if you set the foundation up right, it will happen faster.)

2. Social Sharing: We all want to be talked about, for good reasons at least. If your page is coming up when someone is looking for tips on writing your first novel, guess what, your page is going to be shared more often. Why? Because people who need help don’t want to search pages that don’t have the content they want.

They want information fast and easy. By putting keywords in your content html, you are telling Google or other search engines that you have answers to writers' questions. I know when I have been looking for information and I come across a website that I really like or it has great information, I share it. I also bookmark it and return often.

WARNING: If you are putting tags in your html that say to the search engines your content contains information on a certain subject, but nowhere on your website do you mention that subject, search engines will penalize you.

3. The kind of visitors you want to your site. You want a lot of visitors to your site, duh. But you also want quality visitors. Using SEO will help attract the type of visitor you want. Keywords will tell the search engines exactly what you offer. Once the visitor gets to your site, then you can direct them to your pricing and availability.

4. Marketing: This goes hand in hand with attracting the right visitor to your website. By using keywords, you target your marketing audience. If you are a romance writer, you want to be the most sought out romance writer. Marketing to a target audience of romance readers and all things romance will help you do that, and you do that by using keywords.

5. Workload: Mmm, I don’t know about you, but my workload expands exponentially every week. But, regarding your website/author platform, you don’t want to work all the time on it. You ultimately want it to work for you. When you are setting up the html codes on your site, if you divide your keywords into small, manageable groups of related keywords, you’ll cut down on your workload (significantly), while still creating targeted, specific pages.

By using keywords, you are going to create pages that target your specific visitor and client/customer you're going to maximize your marketing target, you're going to get the social network sharing of your site. All the while maximizing your time on the web for better use, like promoting that number one best seller you just finished.


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