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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

When I wrote my first book, long before I published it, I knew I would have to get on social media. I hated social media. It still isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it is growing on me. So, what should you get on? Well, that really depends. Each platform offers something different and each platform requires something different.

I am on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. I also have a blog and website. That is too fucking much. Don’t do that. As it stands I will be letting something go. Just not sure what and how.

Twitter – is by far the easiest to start. You can get on in minutes and start tweeting. You will need to follow people. Some won’t follow you back if you don’t have any content.

Post what is relevant to you and your author platform. The best way to get followers is to retweet their tweets, and comment on their tweets. I often have an influx of followers after I have tweeted about other people.

Twitter is a very active engagement type of site. You will need to spend time on it to build up your presence.

Facebook - requires a lot of time. You will have to put up relevant content regularly. You will need to engage you page followers. Some of you may combine your author stuff with your personal, I don’t do that. For the purposes of this post, I will assume you are running an author page.

On my author page I post things that are relevant to my platform, which is helping other authors. But I must assume that not everyone who follows me is an author, so I post a lot of things about my books, or maybe even some personal stuff. I often post some funny stuff. (things that I think are funny anyway) but usually my author page rotates around me and my books. That’s okay. It’s my author page.

I do have a book page for my Damien Kaine Series. On that page it is nothing but book information, or where I am at in the writing process for that series. Had I thought more about it, I would do a page for my imprint, Dark Force Press. That way I could do all my books on one page. (Think about what you want before you create your page) I also run a group Become a Bestselling Author.

Instagram - requires a shit ton of time and posts. I started on Instagram thinking I would promote my book stuff. But Instagram doesn’t really work like that.

Here’s my take on it. You should use Instagram to give a glimpse into your personal realm as an author. I am a pretty private person. I don’t like to put a lot of my personal stuff out there. I still try to do some stuff around my writing, but most of it is personal. My pets, once in a blue moon my kids. I will post funny memes or gifs that I make, and I try to tie it to writing if I can, sometimes I don’t.

I still haven’t figured out Instagram. I never really get passed about 25 likes on a post. My dog or cat gets the most…my funny shit usually gets a bunch. Self-promotion not so much. So, keep that in mind.

Google+ - is a great platform. But it is hard as hell to get started on it. you must post your stuff in the right communities and you must have your own collections that will get people interested in what you have to say. I like Google plus. I like it better than Facebook. I like the ease of use; the hashtags are more relevant. (You don’t really use hashtags on FB), and let’s be honest, it's Google. I’m not above whoring myself out to Google if it will help me.

Pinterest – uhh, who doesn’t like Pinterest? Duhh!!! Pinterest is a great advertising tool. You will need to set up a business account. By doing that you be able to link to your website. Driving traffic back to where ever you want it to go.

So, when I post my blogs, to my blog board, I link back to my website. Also, if I post something about my books, I link back to where I have that book for sale. You will have to work at getting followers. As with any social media outlet.

YouTube – I met publicist, Joan Stewart – The Publicity Hound at OWFI writing conference in 2017. She explained that YouTube was the way to go as an author. Especially if your author platform lends itself to doing videos.

My author platform is helping other authors get their manuscripts from first draft to published, and I talk about drinking whiskey. I started my YouTube channel putting up those kinds of videos. (Go check it out and like and subscribe please.)

I had to get used to doing videos. I hated it at first. But then I became a narcissistic fiend hell bent on world domination, and it got easier.

Talk about hard to get people to follow you, holy shit Batman! That’s an understatement. You may cry too, but pull up your big girl panties on and just do it. It will help give you more exposure.

At the end of each video I mention my books, where to buy them, what social media outlets I am on, and how to reach me. I also put that in the description of the video; with links to all my books for sale.

Social media is a great tool. That’s exactly how you should approach it. Which ones will help you achieve your goals as a writer.

Now, there are a shit ton more social media outlets than just the ones I have listed. These work best for me. Below I have listed links to the ones you may want to look at. Again, there are more. Feel free to hunt them down and check them out yourself. Shit, I can’t do all your work for you.

Remember, what you put out there, stays out there. It ain’t Vegas baby. Everyone will know your business. So, make sure you only put out what you want to be there forever.





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