Why You Need To Focus Your Writing, Not Your Writing Career.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

An author platform, in my opinion, is a tool that allows you to reach your audience. As an Indie author this is a must. Indies don't have the backing or support of a publisher to help get their name out there. So they must come up with ways to bring in new readers and cultivate relationships with those readers and fans.

However, setting up that author platform is strategic in allowing you to maximize your writing time. After all, unless you are going to be a full-time blogger or YouTube video maker, your craft of writing should be your main focus.

I have been guilty of this lately. I am a huge proponent of setting up your author platform, but not at the expense of your writing. I have found myself swamped under marketing and making videos or writing blog posts that I have neglected my writing. Thank goodness as I write this I am in the editing phase and I needed a break.

I want you as an Indie author to recognize that your writing is ultimately what is important. Once you start neglecting that, you will lose sight of why you started this process in the first place. It is all about balance.

Striking a balance between building your platform and honing your craft is one that will require constant maneuvering. This has also proven to be some of the hardest choices. Letting go of certain things that just require too much time, and at the end of the day, don't offer much benefit.

No matter what vehicle you choose to move your writing career forward, remember that the writing is ultimately what will keep readers coming back to you. Not your blogging or your YouTube videos.

Focus daily on your writing. Set up daily times that you will dedicate to writing. Even if it is just for an hour a day. Don’t do social media, blog posts, or videos. Don’t let the platform you have setup become the driving force.

As an Indie writer it is easy to get caught up in the sales of your book, (yes, we all want sales). It’s easy to get caught up in how many reviews your books are getting, (I check too often). It is also easy to then focus on things that will increase both of those. In all honesty what will do that, organically—is MORE WRITING.

Yes, the more books, poetry, short stories, etc. you have out there, the more your sales and reviews will grow. That is why the craft should always remain at the forefront. Some of the most successful authors, Indie or Traditionally published have a shit ton of works available. A lot of them don’t even have more than one or two social media websites. If you are putting all your focus on the peripherals: the blogs, the videos, twitter, FB, blah blah blah…guess what? You won’t have time to write.

Put your focus on your works. Write, edit, and publish. Repeat.

Thanks to my friend, Tony, who reminds daily that I need to get back to my writing. He is a nag, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I write crime fiction horror, thriller, and paranormal novels. My time in the Coast Guard and my degree in Forensic Chemistry helps me create fantastic stories. If I'm not writing, I am binge watching Netflix and probably drinking whiskey.

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