Social Media Rules And What Not To Do.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

If you read any of my blog posts, you will see that I am a big proponent of finding that balance between promoting yourself and promoting others or posting other content. The rule is 80/20. 20% your stuff 80% other stuff.

There are a few etiquette rules that one should follow when on social media. Not everyone will follow them, and those people will be dealt with severely. Not sure by who, but it will happen. Okay, so maybe not all of these are hard and steadfast rules, some of them could be classified as things that piss me off. Therefore they should be a rule.

So, what are those etiquette rules? Here are some of them.

1. No one wants to see you post the same shit over and over again on your social media. When someone follows me, say on Twitter, I go to their profile and see what they post. If they have the same post repeatedly like fifty times, I move on.

If they have nothing but their book posted over and over again, I move on. If all the person has is political views or disparaging remarks I don’t follow.

I follow what will be beneficial to me. That, my friends, is the key to getting followers. Quality followers. And this goes back to what I said in my Author Platform post. If you go in with the attitude ‘what can I do for you?’ that will draw more people to you. Remember, it isn’t all about you.

2. Hashtags. No one wants to be spammed. If you use hashtags that are popular rather than relevant to your post, then you are guilty of spamming. Don’t use popular hashtags just to get your post seen by more people.

People don’t like that.

3. Something that you shouldn’t do is pad your followers to follow ratio. This is where you try to show more people are following you than you are following.

Most people do this by unfollowing someone the minute they follow them. That is shitty. People do it to me all the time. I never follow them back. EVER. I hate it.

Follow me because you like me. You like my posts. You like my sense of humor. Whatever the reason follow me because you want to, not to gain a follower.

There I said it. It’s a crappy thing to do. And yes, a ton of people do it.

I am rare. I am a loyal follower. Once I follow you, unless you start doing really stupid shit, I rarely unfollow. But I don’t follow everyone back, just like they don’t follow me back. It isn’t personal. They just might not have anything that I feel will benefit me.

4. Using Twitter as an example again, don’t @ someone for the sole purpose of using their following to gather interest in you. If you read their blog and it resonated with you, by all means @ them. But make sure to bring in the link to their blog post. That way you are giving them credit and sharing their work. That is an excellent thing to do.

5. If someone doesn’t follow you, but likes one of your posts, or mentions you, do the same for them. Thank them for the shout out.

6. Do not get into a verbal exchange with someone. Trust me, I have had assholes say something to me, I damn near had to bite my tongue to keep from saying something.

First of all, it’s bad business. If you are your brand, like an indie author or artist, you just don’t want to do it. Just block them. Then, ignore it.

7. Starting out on any social media is hard. Be patient. Don’t pay for followers, that’s a bad idea. Let your account grow naturally. To do this and get quality followers you will have to put in the work. You will have to post quality content, interact with others by liking their shit, commenting on their posts, and sharing their stuff.

Above all else, remember, social media is a place for you to be social.

My next post will be about feeding the social media beast.

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