• Victoria M. Patton

Ereaders and Summer Time

I don't know about you, but I love sitting at the pool or on the beach, ignoring my family and everyone around me and reading.

I have gotten very good at blocking out all the external noise, especially when reading a new book.

As you are getting ready to make plans for those summer trips, make sure you pack some stuff just for you. Like a few good books. Or an Ereader with a shit ton of good books.

And I can help you.

Check out The Usual Suspects: Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense Book Fair. You have over 150 authors to choose from and tons of books to download. Some are in KU and some are wide. This is the perfect time to grab as many titles as you can and be ready for those moments when your family is bugging the hell out of you and you need an escape.

This promo goes from May 1st to June 30th. So you have lots of time. But don't wait too long.

Go now. Browse around. And find your next favorite author.

Happy Reading.


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