I spend my days plotting my escape. I live with 2 teenagers, 2 dogs, 2 cat, and a husband. That should explain the whiskey and why I like killing people. However, I have no desire to spend time in the Penal System, so I keep my murderous sprees to the pages of my book. 


     Instead, I decided to put my BS in Forensic Chemistry and my experience in the Coast Guard as a Search and Rescue/Law Enforcement Petty Officer to work writing Crime Fiction.


     My books are dark, sexy, edgy mashups of CSI, Motive, and Criminal Minds. They are character-driven, have nasty killers in them, curse words, and sex. All things that make for a good bedtime read.


     I'm a mother of two teenagers. My husband and I are forced to share our house with them. We also live with three dogs Georgie, Gracie, and Bella, and one cat-Squeakers.


     I plan my escape daily. (Seriously, where the hell could I go that these kids couldn't hunt me down?)


     My Italian familigia is loud and fun. You come to my house you'll mangia too much, beve too much, and laugh till you pee your pants. 


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Fatal Dominion cover photo  "Madison 03" by Paul Frederickson is licensed under CC by- sa 2.0

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