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Whether you want to go the traditional publishing route or indie route, the people and books listed on this page have something that will help you. I tend to seek them out first when I have questions. I hope they help you. You will also find websites I use for research. This list will constantly be updated and added to.  

Writing Resources I Use Regularly

Craft Books I Can't Live Without

Marcy Kennedy - 

Twitter - @MarcyKennedy 

Angela Ackerman -  

Twitter -AngelaAckerman

Joel Friedlander 

Twitter - @JFbookman

Jane Friedman - 

Twitter - @JaneFriedman

Frances Caballo - T

wtitter - @CaballoFrances

John Gilstrap 

Twitter - @JohnGilstrap

Derek Murphy - 

Twitter -@Creativindie

Joanna Penn - 

Twitter - @thecreativepenn

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If you are having trouble formulating your Query letter, take a look at mine. It may help you. 

If you are having trouble writing a synopsis of your book, I would suggest you check out author John Gilstrap's post on his website for this.  He breaks it down in an easy to understand way.

You can find more great resources on my Pinterest page.

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