Whether you want to go the traditional publishing route or indie route, the people and books listed on this page have something that will help you. I tend to seek them out first when I have questions. I hope they help you. You will also find websites I use for research. This list will constantly be updated and added to.  

If you need one on one help, I offer Consulting Services. Click here for more information

Writing Resources I Use Regularly

Marcy Kennedy - 

Twitter - @MarcyKennedy 

Angela Ackerman -  

Twitter -AngelaAckerman

Joel Friedlander 

Twitter - @JFbookman

Jane Friedman - 

Twitter - @JaneFriedman

Frances Caballo - T

wtitter - @CaballoFrances

John Gilstrap 

Twitter - @JohnGilstrap

Derek Murphy - 

Twitter -@Creativindie

Joanna Penn - 

Twitter - @thecreativepenn

Craft Books I Can't Live Without
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Maryville University - Creative Jobs for English Majors
Maryville University - BLOG
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If you are having trouble formulating your Query letter, take a look at mine. It may help you. 

You can find more great resources on my Pinterest page.

If you are having trouble writing a synopsis of your book, I would suggest you check out author John Gilstrap's post on his website for this.  He breaks it down in an easy to understand way.



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