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George Mallory murdered three people. Acting on a tip from an informant, Detective Damien Kaine and his partner Detective Joe Hagan are on a stakeout.

Damien has been keeping a secret from Joe, and the guilt is overwhelming. He figures now is as good a time as any to clear his conscience. Damien wonders what Joe will do to him when he tells him what he has done. But before Joe can react to the news, their suspect shows up.

Damien calls for backup, and as they are attempting to serve the arrest warrant, an unfortunate accident happens. One that could get Damien and Joe thrown off the force or worse, thrown in jail.

But jail might not be the worst of his worries.

When Damien stumbles across some information about his relationship with his girlfriend, things begin to go downhill. Couple that with the death of a family member, and Damien feels his personal life is spiraling out of control.

Not sure what to do, he is considering walking away. But at what price? And is that price worth it?

See how the Damien Kaine Series began, read Dark Inception.