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What do a stripper and a multi-millionaire have in common? Murder. Theirs.



When two seemingly unrelated murders are connected to a state-run orphanage, Damien must scramble to figure out why the murders occurred and who might be next.


When secrets from the past emerge and implicate a high-ranking government official in the brutal killings, Damien wonders if his past mistakes are about to make him the sacrificial lamb.


Faced with the possibility that solving this case may not only ruin his career, but tear him and Dillon apart, Damien must make a choice. A choice that goes against the very reason he became a detective.


If you like police procedurals that mimic real life investigations, then this book/series is for you.

Buy Blind Vengeance - Book 5 in the Damien Kaine Series today.

Blind Vengeance - Signed Paperback


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