How far would you go to get justice for someone you love? Would you kill for them?

Chase Humphry is tied to a chair in his living room. His mansion is located in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Chicago. His eyes have been removed and stuck on a meat skewer. Lt. Damien Kaine wonders what Chase Humphry did to wind up dead.

Digging into his past, Damien hunts for any clues leading to his killer. Only one thing pops out. Chase Humphry grew up in Sunshine Valley, a state-run orphanage.


Maggie Newsome is a stripper, lives in a one-bedroom apartment in a poor part of Chicago. Killed in her apartment, tied to a chair with her tongue cut out. As Damien investigates her murder, he finds one crucial clue. Maggie grew up in Sunshine Valley orphanage.

With the killer several steps ahead of Damien, he scrambles to figure out why the murders occurred and who might be next. With a suspect and victim lists growing, Damien has a lot of ground to cover.

As the investigation expands, it points to a heinous and sinister reason behind the brutal killings. This case has far-reaching political connections, making Damien question why his Captain reinstated him weeks before his suspension was over.


Damien must make a decision that goes against the very reason he became a law enforcement officer. But for his sanity, he may need to do something he has never done before. And it may be asking too much.

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Fatal Dominion cover photo  "Madison 03" by Paul Frederickson is licensed under CC by- sa 2.0

Innocence Taken cover photo: Credit/Copyright Attribution: Lario Tus/Shutterstock
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