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The past doesn't always stay in the past. Sometimes it comes back with a vengeance.


A silent killer from the past, hellbent on revenge, is back in Chicago. Forcing Damien to put his career on the line to end this killer’s reign of terror. Keeping secrets from his team of detectives and his family, Damien breaks more laws than he can count and unknowingly puts those he loves in more danger.

After being placed on mandatory suspension from his position as head of the Vicious Crimes Unit, he must decide how far he is willing to go to keep those he cares about safe.

When he realizes that Dillon's life hangs in the balance, the choice is easy. He will risk everything to save her. But Damien's choices weave a web of danger that he never expected. His actions may cost him more than his job or the woman he loves. It may cost him his life.

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