A cold case, a serial killer, and a dead girl that won’t go away.

Profiler FBI Agent Derek Reed is dealing with a costly mistake that caused the death of a young woman. A mistake which has left him with horrible physical injuries and plagued by nightmares. He decides he needs a change of scenery and opts to put his forced sixty-day medical leave to good use. Traveling to Tennessee to see family and stopping at abandoned buildings along the way to take photographs.


At one farmhouse he finds an old tin box. Hoping he has found a financial windfall; he opens the box like a kid on Christmas morning. Instead, he finds trinkets and old photographs. But these aren’t childhood treasures and memories. These are the trophies of a serial killer.


Four photos, four different girls. A different date is noted on the back of each photo. The dates are over the span of a year, going back to 1985. Current cases are hard enough, but tracking a killer from over thirty years ago is almost impossible.


Knowing he can’t ask for help from his unit, has him questioning if should bury the box and walk away. Not being able to leave a puzzle unsolved, Derek decides to hunt for a killer.


Driven by guilt, he hopes solving this case will help him atone for his past sins and right another deadly mistake from his childhood. But chasing a ghost from the past stirs up old memories. Memories Derek buried for a reason.

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Fatal Dominion cover photo  "Madison 03" by Paul Frederickson is licensed under CC by- sa 2.0

Innocence Taken cover photo: Credit/Copyright Attribution: Lario Tus/Shutterstock
Confession of Sin cover photo: Credit/Copyright Attribution: Paul Mathews Photography /Shutterstock
The Box cover photo: Karolina Grabowska / Kaboompics www.kaboompics.com.