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Lullabies and Murder. 


When one women is found with her throat slit and a music box left at the crime scene, the FBI worries a killer from the past is back.

Agent Derek Reed has an uncanny ability to solve cases that no one else can. When his friend Dr. Chelsea begs him to take over the high-profile case, Derek knows this case may ruin his career.

As the investigation unfolds, some have questioned how Derek knows things that only the killer or the victims would know. He tells everyone it’s just his way of looking at things. But his team suspects there is more to it than that.

Faced with coming to terms with a gift he never wanted, he has to learn how to control it. If he doesn’t, not only could it cost him his job, a job he can’t live without, it could cost him so much more.

It could cost him his sanity.

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