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Rye Sense of Humor

Updated: May 2, 2023

VOL. 1

I started this when I didn't have an email list. Now I do, however, I will still continue to do these little monthly blog posts. Strictly for those who are reluctant to sign up for my newsletter. (Which you can do here.)

So, instead of filling up your inbox, I've created this, my monthly blog newsletter.

No sign-up, no fuss, no mess.

Let's talk about book updates.

Book 5 in my Damien Kaine Series - BLIND VENGEANCE: FINAL JUSTICE - kicked my ass. I'm sending it to my wonderful editor, Judith Boling, this weekend. She will no doubt fill it with red and tell me to pull my head of ass and fix it.

Then it goes to my Beta Readers...whom I love. They are brutally honest and tell me what I need to hear, not always what I want to hear.

This book did not end or turn out the way I initially thought it would. Sometimes I'm amazed at where my characters take me. I mean, let's admit it, they run the show.

Publication date, hopefully in time for the July 4th weekend. But I make no promises. I will announce on Twitter and LinkedIn when it is available for pre-order.

A New Project

A while ago, I wrote a story called Deadfall - A Paranormal Tale. It's a first person present tense ghost story. I enjoyed crafting it so much; I have decided to write a demon story. I plan on releasing the series in three book sets. Same characters, but each three-book set will have a different demon to battle.

This will be a horror/supernatural spooky as shit series. At least that's the goal. Not sure if I will write it in the first person present, or third past tense...I'll have to play around with it and decide. (Any thoughts? I'd love to hear your take on this. And I'm always looking for names to use as characters. Feel free to suggest some.)

If I can keep on schedule, I will rapidly release the first three books. I'm planning on having it out by October, in time for HALLOWEEN .....bwahaha!!


You can see by my play on words for the title of this newsletter, I have a slight addiction to the amber liquid. I may drink too much of it every now and again. But I have teens, and that's the excuse I'm going with.

Rye whiskeys are some of my favorites. I usually drink mine over a wee bit of ice. I like mine cold, and since a bit of water brings out the flavors of whiskey, I use ice. Trust me, it's gone before the ice melts. No watered down whiskey in my glass.

My whiskey recommendation for this month, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye. This has a superbly smooth taste. No harsh lingering bite. No bite at all. It has a toasted oak flavor mixed with a hint of fruit notes and spice. But to be honest, you can't go wrong with any whiskey by Jack Daniel's. Hell, you can't go wrong with any whiskey. Pick up some and enjoy.


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