WTF? Who Left That Review?

Updated: Apr 14

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Why are we so upset when a reader leaves a bad review of our book?

I mean, I can see the obvious reasons. All that work put into a one book. We breathed life into it, our characters, everything. We sacrificed time with our families and friends to finish our masterpiece.

Ant then someone reads it and and POOF, all that hard work down the drain by one bad review...

For Pete's sake, get over yourself.

It's someone's opinion. They can love or hate your book.

They may even base their review off of their dislike for you...WHICH BY THE WAY IS A SHITTY THING TO DO.

And no one has the right to say nasty things about you, personally ever. And they should have severe consequences lobbied against them. However, in this digital age it is very easy for people to take advantage of hiding behind a screen and leveling crappy reviews for the wrong reasons.

As an author, it's very hard not to take a bad review of our book, not us, to heart.

The fact is, the minute you put anything in front of the world, you will get people who don't like it and will tell you so.

It's their opinion. They have a right to it.

Does that mean you should censor your content or not write things that others will find offensive? No. I don't think so.

Now if you write say a book about how you hate blacks, or whites, or gays, women, Muslims, get the drift...and all you are doing is saying hateful things, more than likely 1. retailers won't allow it to stay published and 2. people will slam you for it. Doesn't mean you can't write it. Hell, write what you want. Just remember, whoever reads it has the right to say it sucks...And take you to task.

You, as the author, do not have the right to tell a reviewer they are wrong. Or that they don't have a right to their opinion about your book.

You may not like it. But you have no right to belittle them or tear them down for their review.

It is human nature for us to read what everyone is writing about our books. When it's good, it motivates us. When it's bad, we end up on the floor in the fetal position. (With an empty bottle of whiskey...if you don't drink, empty carafe of coffee.)

Not a good look for anyone.

Should you always discount bad reviews? No.

If you are getting a slew of the same thing, say something like...'the story was good, but the grammar was that of a first grader'...or 'I couldn't tell who was talking or where I was in the story. I found myself re-reading passages to understand what was going on...' Those are bad. Those reviews are telling you to reedit your book. And those you should pay attention to.


If they say something inappropriate about you, contact the retailer to have the review removed. Other than that, don't respond.

I guess if you wanted to respond to positive ones, say on Goodreads, that's up to you. I only respond if I am asked a question. Otherwise, I think it's best to avoid. But that is just my opinion.

You should never respond to negative reviews. You will only add fuel to the fire, you won't win, and you will look bad.

To be honest, I rarely read my reviews. The only time I pay attention is when I first release a book. I want to see if the reviews are based on structure, head hopping, or something else that can be fixed. I can't fix it if you just hate my book because you don't like sex in thrillers. Or murder most foul.

You have to learn to look past bad reviews. If they address something you can fix, fix it and republish. And keep in mind, that those reviews won't keep someone from reading your book. Often the opposite happens.

Don't let a bad review take up space in your head without paying rent.

Don't let a bad review keep you from writing.

**If you want to help an author, leave a review. Good or bad, just base that review off the book. Not your personal issues. And for the love of Mike, if you read fantasy and then read say, one of my books, don't ding it because you don't like crime thrillers with vicious killers and lots of angry sex...descriptions of books give you, the reader, a clear idea of what you are getting into. Don't hold that against us. If you have problems with the characters being boring or telling no showing, or slow action...those are valid no matter what genre you read.**


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